El Yiyo (…) is mesmerising and has a special aura that doesn’t remind us of anyone because it is only his.
Sigueleyendo, Silvia Cruz

El Yiyo, a new talent who offers such promise for years to come.
Catalunya Arte Flamenco

Having seen many young dancers perform over the years, I was struck by El Yiyo’s poise and self-command on stage. (…) He offers such promise for years to come.
Taipei Times, Diane Baker

The rawness and originality of el Yiyo’s movements invites you into his flamenco mind and brings you closer to the cultural plane that lies in the fundamentals of flamenco (…) Even though he is naturally gifted, the young flamenco star’s title was not earned without passion, hard work and dedication.
The China Post, Tricia Chen

“His technique is spectacular: he carries out difficult steps at high speed. His feet can easily handle complex rythms. El Yiyo stamps his feet with character. « El Yiyo » a phenomenon who could well become a highly regarded young star of flamenco.
Magazine Danser, Nicolas Six

Some believe he is a phenomenon, others dare to call him a genius
Revista por la Danza Anabel Poveda

A real diamond of flamenco!… El Yiyo surprises through his expressiveness, his presence and and his incredible gestuality. Some say he is a phenomenon, other a genius.
Revista Harlequin Floor- Flamenco Special

He carries both the roots of flamenco and the most innovative of styles within his boots
El Periódico, Rafael Perona